Reclaiming the Value of Parents in Islam

Have you ever felt the heartache of witnessing the value of parents eroding away, even as they age or amidst our busy lives?

Allah commands us in Surat al-Isra (17:23-25) to worship none but Him and to be dutiful to our parents. 

Perhaps you are seeing it firsthand, grappling with the complexities of being a single parent or navigating a situation where both parents are not actively involved in your child’s life, or maybe your parents are old, ill, and you are finding it tough.

This is The Ummah Urgent Call

The value of parents is being overshadowed by the challenges of our modern existence. This urgent call is not just for us; it encompasses the entire family – from newborns to young children and even us. 

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Do You Feel it Too—The Value Of Parents Eroding Away, Our Easiest Gateway To Jannah?

This is what Allāh says:  “Lower unto them your wings of mercy.”

If your parents have passed away, one or both of them, then no doubt this is a great loss and a very traumatic experience.  Once it is narrated that the father of the companion al-Ḥarith al-Aqli passed away, and he was uncontrollably crying.  The ṣaḥābah consoled him and said, “Inshā’Allāh he is in Jannah and inshā’Allāh Allāh has forgiven him.”  He said to them, “Do you think that I am crying because he has passed on?  I am crying because my main door to Jannah has now been taken away from me.  This is how I wanted to get to Jannah.”

Reflect On This For A Moment

It’s up to us as a Ummah to revive this and teach the value of parents to our children from a young age too.

Our Ummah is standing at a crossroads, confronting the disheartening reality that the sacred duty of honoring our parents is slipping through the cracks, impacting families in various ways. In a world consumed by distractions, we find ourselves at a crucial juncture, addressing not only the collective but also individual struggles.

We bring you a series of sessions centered around the value of parents. Whether you are seeking wisdom, grappling with transformative experiences, or simply looking for guidance, we have a phenomenal lineup of speakers ready to share insights.

These FREE sessions are not just an opportunity for personal growth but a means to collectively uplift our Ummah. 

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Meet Our Speakers

Dr Yusuf Abdul Jobbar

Imam, Speaker & Author

Session: Honoring Parents

Iram Bint Safia


Session: Nurturing Parent-Child Relationships: Expert Insights

Jemimah Hawatt

Certified Doula, Nutrition Consultant

Session: Nurturing the Beginning: Building a Strong Bond as a New Mother

Sana Zakir Hussain

Parenting & Homeschooling Mentor

Session: Nurturing Obedience to Parents through Prophetic Parenting

Uzma Naqvi

Life coach

Session: Embracing Parenthood: Unveiling the Path to Self-Discovery and Motivation

Alia Jamal


Session: Harmony in Parenting: Balancing The Mental load With Self-Love

Maham Shahid Farooq

Muslimah Parenting Mentor, Mindset & Emotional Well-Being Coach

Session: Building Resilience in Children: A Values-Based Approach

Dr. Zahida Khotu

Psychologist & Media Personality

Session: Harmony in Parenting: Balancing The Mental load With Self-Love

Sakeena Habib

TV Presenter, Journalist & Motivational Speaker

Session: Harmony in Parenting: Balancing The Mental load With Self-Love

Marilu Werner-Fernandes

Marriage Transformation Coach

Session: Harmony in the Home: Nurturing Marital Bliss for the Sake of Our Children

Amberin Chaudhry Rehman

Stress & Anxiety Coach

Session: Building Resilience in Children: A Values-Based Approach

Asumini Kasule

Certified Youth & Parenting Coach

Session: Both Parents Matter: Co-Parenting to Please Allah & Nurture Family Bonds

P. Lalla Magou Hadda Cissé


Session: Beyond Stigma: The Strength of Single Parenting in Islam

Farook Ismail

Podcast Host @disqualifieddads

Session: Untold Stories Of Fatherhood

Fahima Mahomed

TV Presenter,Broadcaster & Coach

Session: Fatherhood Unveiled

Maryam Javaid

Certified Parenting Coach & Speaker

Session: Breaking Free with Conscious Parenting

Khadija AL- Kaddour

Parenting Consultant & Speaker

Session: Protecting Our Children: Instilling Islamic Beliefs While Navigating LGBTQ+ Discussion

Sabika Rezavi

Tedx Speaker & Re-Parenting Coach

Session: Healing Generations: Unveiling The Mother & Father Wounds in Islam

Sa'diyya Nesar

Tedx Speaker, Author & Poet

Session: Strength from Within: Personal Insights

Kosser Abdul Aziz

Speaker, Coach & Author

Session: Coping With The loss Of A Parent – Personal Insights

Suma Din


Session: Revitalizing Motherhood: Strategies For A Balanced & Spiritual Muslim Lifestyle

Maryam Javaid

Certified Parenting Coach & Speaker

Session: Breaking Free with Conscious Parenting


Umm Abu Bakr

Homeschooler & Blogger

Session: Balancing Homeschooling & Parenting

Sameera Hashim

Parenting Coach & Somatic Therapist

Session: Balancing Homeschooling & Parenting

Rabia Bashir

Multi Award Winning Author & Publisher

Session: Exploring The Power Of Children’s Books

Safeera Kaka

Radio Presenter

Session: Reflecting On Our Relationships With Parents – Personal Insights

Asma Abu-Dahab

Psychotherapist & Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Session: Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Nurturing Mental Well-Being for Parents


Dr. Abdul Baseer Qazi

Coach, Professor & Researcher

Session: Infinite Parenting


Usdadha Ameena

Parenting Coach, Educator & Public Speaker

Session: Caring For Elderly Parents

Herry Prihamdani


Session: Exclusive Author Encounter

Seema Khan

Coach & Author

Session: Holistic Motherhood: Nurturing Self-Reflection, Growth, & Purpose

Sophia Farooq


Session: Exclusive Author Encounter

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